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 Title                                                       Distributor Content Description

A Storm In Summer                               Showtime Networks, Inc.

Backfield in Motion                                Turner Home Entertainment

Big and Hairy                                         Showtime Networks

Big Foot                                                 Evergreen Entertainment

Breakout                                                Monarch HomeVideo Martial Arts / Slapstick Violence

By Dawn's Early Light                            Showtime Networks, Inc.

*Christmas in Connecticut                      Turner Home Entertainment

Earth Minus Zero                                    Evergreen Entertainment

Escape From Wildcat Canyon                Showtime Networks, Inc.

Finding Buck Mchenry                            Showtime Networks, Inc.

Frankie and Hazel                                   Showtime Networks, Inc.

Goddess of Love                                    Evergreen Entertainment

Grizzly Adams                                        Quest

High School USA                                    Evergreen Entertainment

I Was A Teenage Faust                           Showtime Networks, Inc.

Lambada…Me: Step by Step                 EPS Video

Little Big Foot 2                                      Evergreen Entertainment

Mermaid                                                 Showtime Networks, Inc.

Miss All American Beauty                       Evergreen Entertainment

Mr. Music                                                Showtime Networks, Inc.

My Louisiana Sky                                   Showtime Networks, Inc.Some Intense Scenes

My Uncle The Alien                                 Evergreen Entertainment Some Mild Language

Off Season                                              Showtime Networks, Inc.

Out Of Time                                            Showtime Networks, Inc.

Possums                                                 Monarch Home VIdeo

Ratz                                                        Showtime Networks, Inc.

Red Sneakers                                         Showtime Networks, Inc.

Restess Spirits                                       Showtime Networks, Inc.

Restless Spirits                                       Showtime Networks

Robot in the Family (re-edited)              A-Pix Entertainment

Sandy Bottom Orchestra,                      Showtime Networks, Inc.

Sea People                                            Showtime Networks

The Challengers                                    Triboro

The Joy of Color                                    GNF Enterprises

The Portrait                                            Turner Home Entertainment

The Princess And The Barrio Boy          Showtime Networks, Inc.

*The Sweetest Gift                                 Showtime Networks Mild Language / Innuendo

*Time at the Top                                      Showtime Networks

Treasure Island                                       Turner Home Entertainment

Undercover Angel                                  Evergreen Entertainment


There are 40 titles in this category.
* Linked titles take you to the Award of Excellence details.
* Original rating M = Mature - now replaced by PD.
** Original rating VM =Very Mature - now replaced by PD-M.



News Archive

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8/7/2003   The F-A-B at the V-S-D-A

7/9/2003    Don't Email From Here

7/9/2003    New Line Removes Profanity To Get FAB Award

6/12/2003    Is 'PG-13' Becoming The New 'R'?

6/12/2003   Ratings Classifications

6/12/2003  June Newsletter Introduces FAB's V.P.

5/20/2003 Physically-Challenged Clown Fish Triumphs

5/20/2003  Sinbad Has Never Been So Colorful

5/8/2003   AO Not Okay-O

4/29/2003  FAB Awards Postponed

3/20/2003    Stompin' For Eight More

3/14/2003  The Month of May Will Be Merry

3/14/2003  April 's Newsletter Here

3/14/2003   Agent Cody Makes The Scene

3/10/2003  Fine Feinstein Opens Historic Supperclub

2/14/2003   Enthused About The News

2/14/2003   Back To The Jungle

1/23/2003  Film Advisory Board Monthly Is Back

1/23/2003   Feedback On 'People' Article Furious

1/13/2003  Kangaroo Jack Jumpsy

11/1/2002   FAB Rates films for Showtime and Trinity Home Ent.

8/20/2002  Educators Remind Teens About HIV AIDS Danger

8/19/2002  People Magazine Interview

7/16/2002  FAB Hits Triple Play Over Weekend

7/1/2002    Giraffes, Cheetahs And Snakes, Oh My!

7/1/2002  Minority Report Rates 'A' For Absorbing

6/28/2002  Great Family Film Choices Coming To Theaters

6/17/2002  FAB Reviewers Pass On New Family Offerings

6/14/2002  Bourne Identity Rated PG-13?!

6/3/2002  Hey -- Arnold's Coming!

4/22/2002  New Look For Web Site

4/22/2002  FAB Awards 2002

4/22/2002  Future Awards Presentations

2/21/2002  Awards Event Update

2/18/2002  Best-selling Book Brought To The Screen By Crusader

2/18/2002  Disney Channel Original Movie Rates Excellent

1/28/2002  Big Fat Liar Scores A Big Fat A+

1/28/2002  FAB To Present Awards Soon

1/28/2002  Honorable Mentions

1/7/2002  Wide Beauty Is Breathtaking

12/31/2001  Jimmy Neutron Scores Big!

12/31/2001  A Year That Will Long Be Remembered

11/30/2001  Grammar Course Is Cozy

11/30/2001  Feel Good Messenger Honored

11/30/2001  Boy Genius Is Excellent

11/13/2001  Harry Potter Film Is Magic

10/23/2001  Three New Winners From Greathall Productions

10/23/2001  Pay Cable Films Go To Video With FAB Ratings

10/23/2001  A Note To Our Site Visitors

10/23/2001  FAB favorites For Family Viewing To Be Added To Site In November

10/3/2001   New In October

9/21/2001  FAB Award-Winner Marco Polo Up For Domestic Grabs

9/21/2001  New In September

8/21/2001  Say Good-bye To Ol' Shadowbox

8/21/2001  FAB Awards WE CARE ABOUT KIDS

8/9/2001    Award Evaluation Committee Raves About Help Me 2 Learn

7/30/2001  Family Fare on Pay Cable

7/30/2001  Thanks to Contributors

7/30/2001  FAB to Recognize Siegfried & Roy's 5,000th Live Show

7/30/2001  FAB Praises Discovery Channel and Bob Banner Associates Co-Venture

7/30/2001   FAB Welcomes Back Former Web Host

7/27/2001ListBot Subscription Service to be Updated

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Guest of Honor Pat Boone

These are some archived photos from Film Advisory's past Awardee Banquet.  Over the 45 years of history Elayne Blythe has presented awards to the best in family entertainment - movies and celebrities!  


Jack Lemmon



Elayne Blythe Honored


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