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 Welcome to the Film Advisory Board website!

Within these pages you'll find helpful recommendations by way of our AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.

The Film Advisory Board's (FAB) AWARD OF EXCELLENCE is dedicated to awarding and promoting quality family oriented and children's entertainment. Film, video, TV, CD-Rom, books and music are considered for recognition.

Submissions are accepted year-round. Please see the FAB Award Requirements and forms for details.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, read About FAB. Or, if you would prefer, go straight to the awards by clicking on a category to the left.

                                                    The Film Advisory Board (FAB) was founded by Elayne Blythe in 1975, which included                                                                  a review committee to preview and evaluate films through the publication of a monthly                                                                  newsletter and bestowed an Award of Merit on an annual basis.

                                                    Some of the Lifetime Achievement Awards from FAB were given to Oscar Winners Jack                                                                Lemmon, Mickey Rooney and Bette Davis to name a few.


                                                     The Film Advisory Board is a non-profit organization which developed a rating system to let                                                        parents know the appropriateness of films, video, and television programming that was suitable for their children, teens and young adults to view.

The Film Advisory Board is a member-supported organization. The FAB's "Award of Excellence" was developed to award quality family oriented and children's entertainment in both print and electronic media.

The second division of FAB is the FAB Ratings System which was originally developed by Elayne Blythe in six categories  Language (L) , Violence (V) , Nudity (N), Sex (S) , Erotica (E), Cruelty to Animals (CA)  and Humane treatment of Animals (HA)  in cooperation with the American Humane Association to arouse parents to a consciousness of their responsibilities in the selection of the films viewed by their children.  

Today, the Film Advisory Board has expanded to include awarding international films, video content, documentaries and digital media. 

Elayne Blythe was founder and President of FAB from 1975-2005.  Michael Conley was Youth President and Treasurer from 1979-2005. 
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